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Short Documentary - 7 minutes 

Production Company: Bangor University 

A recently diagnosed 19-year-old man embarks on a journey around the entire coastline of mainland Great Britain, to raise funds and awareness for the relatively unknown disorder, HNPP.

Walk 60.00_00_58_38507.Still014.png
Walk 60.00_01_06_11871.Still013.png
Walk 60.00_02_06_34879.Still011.png
Walk 60.00_02_40_14926.Still008.png
Walk 60.00_02_16_05830.Still010.png
Walk 60.00_03_15_07555.Still006.png
Walk 60.00_03_55_39937.Still005.png


Best Short Documentary - Wales International Film Festival 

Best Short Documentary/Best Student Film - New York International Film Awards

Best Short Documentary/Best Editing - Screen Power Film Festival 

Best Short Documentary - Five Continents Film Festival 

Best Student Film/Best Editing - Flicks Monthly Film Festival 

Best Film - Isolation Film Festival 

Best Student Film - Moving Parts Film Festival 

Best Short Documentary - Oniros Film Festival 

Best Short Documentary/Best Student Film/Best Director - Trojan Film Festival 

Best Short Documentary - Pinnacle Film Awards

Best Short Documentary/Best Director - Royal Wold Film Awards

Festivals & Screenings

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (Welsh BAFTA qualifying), UK

Wales International Film Festival, UK 

St Albans Film Festival, UK

Worcester Film Festival, UK 

Deptford Cinema Film Festival, UK 

New York International Film Awards, USA

Around International Film Festival: Paris, FRANCE

Prague International Indie Film Festival, CZECH REPUBLIC

Screen Power Film Festival, UK

Falcon International Film Festival, UK

Five Continents Film Festival, VENEZUELA 

Flicks Monthly Film Festival, UK

Isolation Film Festival, UK 

Moving Parts, USA 

Oniros Film Awards, USA

Trojan Film Festival, UK 

Pinnacle Film Awards, USA

Royal Wold Film Awards, USA

Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival, RUSSIA 

Feel the Reel International Film Festival, UK 

Florence Film Awards, ITALY

Prague International Film Awards, CZECH REPUBLIC 

Frostbite International Indie Film Festival, USA

UK Offline Web Fest, UK 

The Monthly Film Festival, UK 

Dumbo Film Festival, USA

Independent Film Awards, UK 

London International Motion Picture Awards, UK 

UK Monthly Film Festival, UK 

Gold Movie Awards, UK 

South Film & Arts Academy Festival, CHILE 

Be Epic Film Festival, UK 

Rome Independent Prisma Awards, ITALY 

White Deer International Film Festival, UK



DIRECTOR - Matt Colin Evans

WRITER - Matt Colin Evans

CAMERA - Matt Colin Evans

EDITOR - Matt Colin Evans

Other Information 

This film was shot almost entirely on an iPhone X with Filmic Pro. 

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