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Broadcasted on Sky Arts
Written by Matt Colin Evans 

Performed by Richard Harrington



GALWAD was a story for our times. Unfolding on social media channels in real-time over seven days in autumn 2022, and broadcast live on Sky Arts on Sunday 2nd October, it asked what if the future made contact with us in the present.


GALWAD was rooted in the people and places of contemporary Wales, with the future story-world of 2052 imagined by hundreds of people in response to the social, economic and cultural consequences that could result from a 1.8 degree rise in global temperatures. 

Conceived as a new kind of tri-lingual, real-time storytelling, GALWAD broke new ground in distributing the characters and plot of the story across over a hundred pieces of content; immersing the viewer in the action through single-shot cinematography; threading BSL, Welsh and English through the script and performances and working across theatre, film and TV sectors to deliver the ambitious creative vision live from Wales.

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